Case Study 1 Commercial Excellence.
Finding more value in your categories, contracts and the way your organisation manages the category and contracts

Problem: value and efficiency is lost by not having a well defined category with the right number of contracts/suppliers, managed by the right number/seniority of staff in the right location

Opportunity: reviewing a organisation’s portfolio of contracts, identifying opportunities to eliminate, consolidate and re-segment the contracts can greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the category and contract management teams resulting in time liberation and an increase in the commercial value realised

Example: Software category reduced # contracts by 15% and delivered cost reductions of 5%.  Additional outcomes

  1. # of Staff reduced by 5 by reducing number of contracts
  2. Re-segmentation of contracts allows for effective contract management and value realisation
  3. Focused and connected end to end team better organised and positioned to realise value
*Reduced Lead Time à Reduced Working Capital, Improved Planning and Improved Operational Performance
**Increased Efficiency à More time to focus on value adding activities and strategic procurement