Operational Excellence

Every business strives for Operational excellence, providing the organisation with a competitive advantage by allowing the operation to get the materials and services they require, when they require them using the least resource, people, cost and capacity. Yet the stakes to achieve true excellence increase depending on the scale and structure of the organisation, the complexity of the systems and processes and the degree of automation and digitalisation. 2063262-200

Whilst small companies will rely on their agility to progress and growing organisations strive for commercial advantage, it is the corporate that has to achieve excellence to secure and build stakeholder value.

This relentless mission to become a world leader is fixating for the corporation as it strives to achieve cross functional integrated business excellence.

So it is no surprise that executives tasked with delivering these objectives will often look externally for learnings but ultimately will seek reassurance from real life examples to benchmark their performance against other respected market leading companies.

Customer & Corporate Focus

At Redtree we offer customers the opportunity to assess and gauge their situations against what is recognised as world class operational excellence and reflect from our own experience of working within corporate environments what it takes in practical terms to achieve success.

We do this like many consultancies through the use of audit techniques, benchmarking and with the assistance of clever tools to measure maturity and current operational capabilities. Unlike many consultancies however our approach is set against a back drop of working in the corporate domain for many years. So yes we understand the theories but more importantly we share our experiences navigating success avoiding the many pitfalls we and you will inevitably encounter along the way.

By visioning the entire procurement lifecycle from an operational excellence perspective we do not simply advise how to optimise processes, leverage systems and  extract base costs but expose and address non value adding operational factors that constrain the organisation, inhibit success and erode operating margins.  By achieving this, in a fully embedded manner that is digitalized and waste free, staff can maximize their commercial time and impact in support of business priorities rather than wasting effort on repetitive operational tasks & rework.  This optimisation of the organisation and it’s impact on supply and value chains is a key determinant of success that many attempt but very few organisations achieve.

Whatever your point in time and place we have likely experienced this and can offer you the assurance to help guide you on this journey towards operational excellence and success.

With any initial engagement our first job is to listen as we know again from experience no two situations are the same. So contact Redtree for a no obligation preliminary discussion so we can understand your agenda and provide you with an honest assessment of how we might help you achieve your commercial and operational objectives.


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