Case Study 1 Operational Excellence.
Focusing the organisation on what adds value

Problem: Many companies are unaware of how their staff actually spend their time and the proportion of staff time spent on value adding activities.  Senior managers are often unaware of how their actions generate non-value adding work.

Opportunity: Insights into the non-value adding work being performed enables leaders to focus on how to release staff time, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and deliver additional value and $

Example: One recent study suggests 22% of time is spent on non-added value activities and 10% of staff time is spent in passive* meetings

  1. Focus on eliminating non-added value activities – process improvements or automate/digitalise
  2. Transition non-added activities to lower cost staff if unable to eliminate or automate/digitalise
  3. Review meeting culture – empower staff to determine when to attend and when to leave
*passive – staff make no contribution and do not receive information that allows to add value