Case Study 2 Operational Excellence
An external perspective can unlock latent value

Problem: Companies risk increased costs, failure to deliver and demotivated workforces by embarking on improvement projects without fully understanding what good looks like, defining the real issue and opportunity and identifying the true benefits that a change can bring.

Opportunity: Measuring and positioning a company’s current position against World Class performance, developing a realistic roadmap with accompanying metrics and a robust communications plan to achieve the improvement before an organisation commits resources to a change activity is fundamental to mitigating the above risks

Example: One recent study showed that by focusing on automating the Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order process on existing Contracts simply by leveraging existing system functionality

  1. Order lead time reduced by 15 working days*
  2. Efficiency increased by 10% per FTE** per annum
  3. Operational procurement performance improved from bottom to 2nd quartile