Redtree Bespoke Training and Coaching

Redtree expertise extends to Bespoke Training and Coaching for Teams and Individuals

Redtree experience shows an enhanced return on investment from formal training when staff are provided follow up coaching, the return increases if the coaching supports the delivery of specific results expected from the training programme

Example of Training/Coaching Programme for Procurement Professionals

Formal classroom style tutorials with training materials

  1. Introduction to Negotiation Basics and Principles
  2. Stakeholder Management and Communications
  3. Competitive Bid and Negotiation
    1. Assess Business Needs and Demand
    2. Supply Market Assessment
    3. Procurement Targeting
    4. Strategy and Market Approach
    5. Evaluation and Award
  4. Advanced Modules
    1. Spend Segmentation
    2. Cost Models
    3. Supplier Qualification
    4. Contracts and Contract Management

Follow up coaching using agreed work based activities

 1. 1-2-1 coaching

2. Group coaching sessions